on repetition

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The POLAR ENCOUNTER collection is a physical impression of experiences, negotiations, subversions, transcendences, and, finally, transmutations that happen for the agent of the procedure on both sides of the axis manifest reality-esoteric field. Here, the notion of polarity refers mainly to the archetypical, esoteric male-female relationship, which determines the position of a psychic system (individual) on the energoinformational map and delineates his/her personal and social identity.

Interpersonal relationships do no more than 1. reflect – often in a painful way – our internal dynamics and 2. function as a lever and motive in the pursuit of a new transcendence. Love, in its purified form, is deeply awakening and gradually leads to the acquisition of increasingly finer organisation and the formation of new meanings. This continuous passage from the exoteric (objective reality) to the esoteric (psychic procedure) and vice versa highlights and exalts the social role of human relationships, establishing them as a reliable vehicle on course towards the obtainment of a meaningful reality.

The 17 syllable poems that accompany the works sustain the interaction between them and the audience, functioning as a fulcrum for stirring up experiences, emotions, and introspective reflections and triggering fermentations, internal and external repositionings, and cellular transformations. The exhibition was first held on June 12-26 2012 at Vryssaki, Living space of Art and Action, then to be hosted by the Cultural Centre of Hermoupolis, Syros (August 9-19, 2013).