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Making organic part of the artist's dialectic work, the negotiation of the myth of Andromeda records glimpses of the imperceptible field, where art and philosophy meet with the fervent urge to produce spiritual heirs. Articulated in two narratives, LIBERATING ANDROMEDA and ANDROMEDA LIBERATED, it portrays esoteric snapshots, where colours and shapes are assigned an essential, hermeneutic role, which is partly instinctive/expressive and partly disciplined, serving a philosophical purpose. Both collections were presented at the Brick Lane Gallery of London, in the context of the ART IN MIND exhibition platform.

At the core of the first collection, LIBERATING ANDROMEDA, we find the end of fallacy and sacrifice as means to extort ego-centric results and reflect an idolic world that can only be ephemeral and deceptive. The shape and arrangement of the paintings, as well as the forms and colours in each one of the works, allude to a reality in which beauty, as found in all expressions of human state and activity, shakes off its serving as a sacrificial offering – a serving that has long ensured the illusion of an easy life- and teams up with the strength it intrinsically matches, to unravel immaculate, nonnegotiable truth. Pearl colours undertake the work of revealing the only access to true, absolute beauty, which cannot be conquered or extorted but exclusively emerges and harmoniously unfolds when and where it can meaningfully blossom and evolve.



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