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Enrico Benco is a conceptual artist and researcher interested in exploring and blending the boundaries among the various fields of human life and activity by tracing the mechanisms that unite all in one meaningful experiential continuum. The interrelationship between the visible and the unseen and the underlying economy that determines the energy balance of the whole have driven much of his work across sectors. As a professional and entrepreneur, he was active in the London digital industry for over a decade and at the same time he functioned as digital media instructor in a number of institutions, such as Central Saint Martins, Architectural Association (AA School), Middlesex University, et al. In 2012, he co-founded GS4C (Go Sailing, for a Change), aiming at uncovering and negotiating the manifold, intricate issues that underlie the life cycle and use of materials, as well as proposing solutions which are economically effective equally and simultaneously for all (visible or unseen) parties involved in a production event. As an active agent in the On Repetition platform, he has participated in establishing the vision and principles of the venture which, in his artistic capacity, he has explored and negotiated through the exhibitions WAVING TREES and BEYOND EVERYTHING. Enrico has an MA degree in Electronic Arts from the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University of London.

email: ebenco@onrepetition.com


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